Why to drink nova

Nova water is characterized by the balanced ratio of its natural salts and minerals, necessary for the human body, ensuring its adequate moisture and helping to maintain the softness and freshness of the skin by helping cells to grow and renew their vitality. As water is an important part of the body cells, tissues and organs, we recommend drinking much of Nova water because it is:

Fresh and Pure:

Nova water is extracted from the best natural and pure sources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the region of Noufoud Se'ed is considered to be the source of pure water in the Kingdom due to the lack of exposure to pollution factors, where the purest underground water is available, this water that is bottled in a plant located within Noufoud Al Wasee, functioning according to the latest and most accurate techniques to maintain the cleanliness, purity and quality of the water.

Healthy and Natural:

As Nova water is extracted from its source, it contains natural salts and minerals that are considered necessary for the human body. Nova water isn’t injected with artificial minerals and is committed to local and international specifications and standards. The benefits of drinking several glasses of Nova water a day are uncountable; it cleans the body and purifies the skin, refreshes and contributes to restore balance and vitality to the body, in addition to several other benefits. Nova water is healthy… Enjoy it!

Friend of you and of the Environment:

Nova Water is unique in all its aspects starting from the elegant design of its bottle to the innovative and totally new packaging, made of safe Plastic container PET that can be used only once and re-manufactured to be beneficial to you and the environment alike.

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