Health Water Bottling Company (Nova Water) negates the rumors that are being spread via social media platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about whether there is a fake Nova in the market. We advise the dear consumers to investigate precisely, weigh the facts and not get carried away with those malicious campaigns. The following is a clarification about the rumors:

Quality Marks:

In accordance with Saudi Food & Drug Authority requirements, specifically article no.(4,4) of the Gulf standard specifications no. (2013/9) relevant to the food label, which states that it is not allowed to write any phrases, logos, or signs pertaining to certificates of quality management systems.

Advertising slogan:

It was sufficient for us to place our slogan of “Naturally Better” on the company official website

Source of Water:

Based on the instructions of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs – Municipality of Rimah issued statement no.(129) requesting to change the name of the area of our source from Nofoud Al Wase’e to Nufoud Se’ed because the area is within the administrative borders of Se’ed center.

This statement ensures that there are no fake bottles of Nova Water in the market as it is clarified by the Licence Number and barcode number. Moreover the label will be unified within a short period of time.

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